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Section 20 notices

The Leasehold Advisory Service website states that "The law requires that tenants paying variable service charges must be consulted before the landlord carries out works above a certain value or enters into a long-term agreement for the provision of services or goods".  This consultation document is called a Section 20 Notice.

To understand more comprehensively about Section 20 Notices, please click here. This link will take you to the LEASE (Leasehold Advisory Service) website.

Click here to see the list of Section 20 notices issued by HfH which relate to Major Works. This link will take you to the Homes for Haringey website.

We have drafted up TEMPLATE letters for you to use and send to HfH in response to your recent Section 20 Notice.
Click the appropriate button to download the letter you want to send.
These are in Microsoft Word format so you can add your name and address and edit them to fit your requirements.

Section 20 Notices - A General Introduction

Section 20 Notices, which come in three parts separated by several months, are used by landlords, in our case Homes for Haringey (HfH) to:

  • advise leaseholders about proposed works to buildings, or estates, or services, that we are going to have to pay for in the future through our service charges
  • give leaseholders details of the proposed works, estimates about costs and details about possible contractors
  • explain to leaseholders why they chose a particular contractor
    • Each of the three Section 20 Notices invites us to make observations or ask questions in writing, or email, by a certain named date 30 days after the issue of the notice. In other words, Section 20 Notices are consultation documents.

      It is very important that we leaseholders, in large numbers, ask questions within the 30 days, for two reasons. Firstly, HfH has to respond to all questions. They have to be logged and recorded which is why they must be in writing. So by asking questions, we are making HfH look at their procedures to make sure they are not making any mistakes and thereby increasing our chances of getting value for money. If no-one asks any questions, mistakes could go undetected and our service charges could go up. Secondly, if in the future a dispute arises between leaseholders and HfH about some aspect of these works and we have to go to a tribunal for a judgement, in this case the London Valuation Tribunal, then we can call on the evidence of the questions we asked right through the Section 20 process.

      Haringey Leaseholders Campaign Group will provide sample letters that each leaseholder can tailor to his or her address and of course we can all come up with our own queries as well.