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HLCG Vice-Chair becomes Chair of HfH Leasehold Panel - 9 May 2011

Piers Johnson, Vice-Chair of the HLCG was voted in as Chair of the HfH Leasehold Panel at their meeting on 9th May 2011.

HLCG applies for formal HfH Recognition - 5 April 2011

As part of this application process, HfH will write to all Leaseholders asking for their comments and you should receive this letter in the next few days. The deadline for Leaseholders to reply is Monday 18th April. Recognition for HLCG would bring with it an annual grant of around £1,000 to help fund our mailing costs, plus the important status of being a group with whom HfH would consult with as a representative body. HLCG is made up of leaseholders who volunteer their time to work on behalf of leaseholders. Please support us in replying to this consultation so we achieve this recognition to work for you!

HfH abandoned their proposed "Advanced Payment Scheme" - 19 March 2011

Haringey Leaseholders Campaign Group (HLCG) was very pleased to hear at the Leasehold Panel meeting on 16 March 2011 that Homes for Haringey will not be pursuing the idea of an 'advanced payments scheme' for leaseholders. HLCG and many individual leaseholders had raised a wide range of objections to this idea, which was not properly thought through and could have led to increased financial hardship for leaseholders rather than the reverse. This subject came up at the HLCG launch meeting on the 15th February when a committee member spoke about the proposed scheme and made it clear that HLCG would be campaigning against it.

Section 20 notice mailing - 16 March 2011

Mailing sent out to our members explaining the importance of responding to Section 20 notices and advising that template letters are available to download from our website.

HLCG Launch - 15 February 2011 PRESS RELEASE

Tuesday 15th February 2011 the Haringey Leaseholders’ Campaign Group (HLCG) was successfully launched at a packed meeting for leaseholders in the Civic Centre at Wood Green attended by over 100 people.

Leaseholder Ian Lush who, with five others, had come together to plan the formation of this new leaseholder group, chaired the launch meeting and explained the HLCG’s aims to campaign for and on behalf of Haringey Council leaseholders, to focus on borough-wide issues, to encourage collective action to ensure Homes for Haringey (HfH), the council’s managing agent, delivers services and repairs that are properly costed, delivered and give value for money. He stressed that with the recent cuts, the Decent Homes Programme was likely to have a reduced budget for Years 3 & 4 of the programme and that leaseholders must monitor developments closely to ensure HfH spend their money wisely.

Mr Lush also stressed that whilst the HLCG had been set up with recognition from HfH as one of its aims, its constitution would not prevent it from being critical of HfH whenever the situation demanded.

Councillor Richard Wilson (Stroud Green Ward) spoke at the meeting for the need of leaseholders to get value for money and that council tenants share common problems with leaseholders e.g. estate cleaning, disruption caused by contractors, and that they should be included in HLCG campaigns. He commended those involved in setting up the new organisation.

Joe Boake, Senior Resident Involvement Officer for HfH, explained that leaseholders faced an uncertain future because of funding cuts and that it was important to have good communication between HfH and leaseholders to make sure service delivery will be economic and effective.

Councillor Lorna Reith (Tottenham Hale Ward), herself a leaseholder, also attended the meeting. She later suggested HLCG should distinguish between the needs of resident and absentee leaseholders. Landlord leaseholders might be less interested in funding amenity improvements through the service charge than residents.