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Welcome back to the HLCG newsletter. We’ve had a short break since the last one, but we at HLCG have been busy in the meantime. A High Court case against an HLCG member has taken a great deal of time and effort. The case has been concluded by a Court Order. See below for an explanation, or on the web site www.hlcg.org.uk.

Due to the recent Council elections, little has happened regarding resident engagement. However, Homes for Haringey (HfH) finally organised an Asset Management Panel (AMP) meeting on Wednesday June 25th. Several members of HLCG attended this meeting along with leaseholders who represented their estates. This panel is important for major works in the Borough. We thought that you might like to know what came up. To start with, Mr Andrew Billany (the new CEO of HfH) was at the meeting, along with the head of major works Mr Manley Murray and Mr David Sherrington – the director of asset management. It turned out to be one of the best attended meetings for some time. A number of topics were discussed:

Culvert Road Garages – this came up at the previous meeting. HfH have confirmed that leaseholders will NOT be invoiced for the demolition charges. It was highlighted that only some of the garages were demolished. The remaining garages were attracting an increasing number of squatters. Old mattresses and debris had been left behind. HfH replied that they will come back on this issue the future of this piece of land at the next AMP meeting.

Summersby Road Estate, N6 - to the surprise of estate leaseholders HfH announced that only the blocks that had major roof problems would be part of the decent home program for this year. The rest of the blocks in the estate would be left until the next year. This announcement was unexpected and is a concern as it may lead to additional costs. The leaseholders had requested full surveys of the blocks so far. Leaseholders asked for better communication from HfH.

Validation Surveys - HfH have confirmed that all surveys have been completed for year 7 (2014/15) by surveyors Frankhams and Keegans. They noted that validation surveys were not the detailed surveys as these would be done by the contractors when they are on site. Leaseholders should have received the validation surveys which in effect are only tick-lists of works to be done.

Headcorn Tenterden Beaufoy Gretton Tebworth Estate – HLCG members were shocked and alarmed to hear of complaints stating that the contractors, Mears, have severely let down residents. Works which had started last November have not only not been completed but seem to have no end in sight. The Panel was shocked to hear of complaints of poor performance of Mears and the complete lack of communication and monitoring by HfH. The issue of health and safety was raised in regard to asbestos panels being disturbed, incomplete and incorrect wiring, wheelchair access, and long periods of absence of workmen on site. HfH were put under pressure to review its management of the contract with Mears.

Hillcrest Estate, N6 – The issue of repairing the wooden sash windows was deferred. Leaseholders asked for better communication from HfH.

Noel Park Improvement Project, N22 – HfH said that they had visited everyone on the estate and have engaged Savilles for an option study. Also Keegans were currently doing a stock condition survey.

New Doors And Entry System Programme – HfH have increased their budget to £3.5million to renew these across the Borough. This point raised much discussion from leaseholders who were unhappy to pay for expensive new replacements when replacement they may not be necessary. Such entry systems trigger higher maintenance but there doesn’t appear to be a maintenance contract that covers evenings and weekends. HfH said that they will look into this.

The Asset Management Strategy – A five year program was announced by HfH. This will cover quality control issues and relates to maintenance works after Decent Homes. Residents and leaseholders requested to be included in the consultation before the program is finalised.

HfH’s contract ends in March 2016. The CEO explained that the options were to extend the contract, or for HfH to be taken in house. There will be a consultation on this early next year. The next AMP meeting will be Wednesday 30th July at Alexandra House, 6-8pm.

The High Court Case – This was brought about by Nick Martin-Clark and Sue Brown of the Haringey Leaseholders Association (HLA) against their ex-Treasurer, now a founder member of HLCG. All allegations of wrong doing have been retracted by the HLA. HLA recognizes that HLCG is another Borough-wide group and has its own database. This allows HLCG to continue and move forward in look after leaseholder issues.