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We have been overwhelmed by the phenomenal response to the DCLG consultation to cap Council leaseholder charges. Thank you to those who took part.

We'd like to draw your attention now to a worrying aspect taking place in the borough.

Attachment 1: Report by Paul Munday and passed last week by Cabinet detailing housing strategy for the next generation.

Appendix 3 on page 51 shows leaseholders liability for service charges will be in the region of over £100m over the next 30 years. The small print at the bottom of Appendix 3 suggests that this could easily end up being significantly higher by charging additional fees, VAT, management charges the levels of which remain as yet unquantified.

Part of the report deals with the creation of more affordable housing on Council owned land - go to Appendix B and C (at the end of the report page 55 and 56) to see if your estate is included or adjacent to the development sites identified, and whether you want to make representations about it.

We are pleased that Cllr Wilson has taken a keen interest in leaseholder issues and asked questions on our behalf at the Cabinet meeting last week. We urge you to read this report, its effects on us all.

Attachment 2 - The Decent Homes Programme (DHP) planned for 2014/15

The DHP 2014/15 is now issued and obtained by our members who regularly attend the Asset Management Panel meetings. Please check to see if your estate is included in the list and when DHP will start.

Contact Manley Murray, Head of Capital Programmes, for individual details on 0208 489 1153.

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