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24th March 2015 - Local Plan Consultation

Dear Leaseholder,

Re: Important and Urgent - Council consults over its new Local Plan for the borough - This Affects You

We contact you regarding an urgent matter that needs your consideration.

You may have heard of or seen emails about The Local Plan consultation that seeks your views and views of tenants in Haringey.

The housing design of London, including that of Haringey Borough, will change beyond recognition within the next ten years. There will be many estates demolished and new, expensive estates, with many more flats, will spring up.

It is now your unique chance to respond to the enclosed documents - even if your estate is not in the below initial list of estates earmarked for re-development (e.g. demolishing and re-building). Please note that newly built properties are usually much more expensive and values of demolished and new properties often don't match.

The overall ‘regeneration’ plans are the proposed amendments to the 2013 Strategic Policies Local Plan.

The link is http://www.haringey.gov.uk/localplan

The four Development Plan Documents below will form Haringey’s Local Plan for the period to 2026.

1) Alterations to the Strategic Policies (DPD ) (adopted March 2013 )
2) Draft Tottenham Area Action Plan: Preferred Option
3) Draft Site Allocations: Preferred Option
4) Draft Development Management Policies (DMP): Preferred Option

Councils have power to issue compulsory purchase orders to leaseholders, which means a district valuer values properties marked for re-development. Values of such properties are usually lower as they cannot be compared with other properties due to the fact that nobody will buy a property ready for demolition.

We urge you to read and respond to the consultation document by Friday 27th March 5pm.

Even if your estate is not earmarked for development in this document, a precedent of happens in the next ten years will be set for any
future re-development.

There is an undeniable need for more housing in London and councils can do with their land what they wish - sell, borrow against, licence,
etc. Please respond to the document by Friday 27th March so that your opinion is considered.

To object, email: [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding re-development, please contact Neil Goldberg or Gavin Ball 0208 489 4884 in LBH Planning and Planning
Aid For London, tel: 03007 729808 www.planningaidforlondon.org.uk

If you have any questions about compulsory purchase orders (CPOs), please contact Lease http://www.lease-advice.org/ tel 0207 832 2500
We are unable to give any advice on this matter.
Best wishes
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